Leading Edge

Our programs are specifically designed to meet some of the most pressing needs of the youth in the bleeding disorder community today – developing self-esteem and cultivating personal responsibility. The experiential nature of our program will introduce concepts and tools, then provide an opportunity for participants to reflect and self-evaluate how to transfer what they have learned into their daily lives. Our program has been proven twice as effective as the average program of its kind in America.

Our director and main facilitator, Pat Torrey, is one of the best in the nation at harnessing adolescents’ natural attraction to adventure and excitement and translating it into positive, transferable life skills. Programs incorporate games, individual and group activities, challenge course elements (as an option) and self-reflection exercises. “I learned that you should go forward and do things, even if you don’t necessarily know what will happen, because sometimes the risk is worth it. I’m going to go home and from now on remember that sometimes, the benefit outweighs the risk.” - Leading Edge Participant

Time & Place
We will work with your schedule and location to develop the right program. If you have three hours or two days, we’ll design an experience that fits. Don’t hesitate to call, availability is limited. The sooner you submit your application, the better your chance is of getting a Leading Edge program on your schedule. Log on to naccho.com to find out more details and fill out an application.


We have three standard programs to choose from that cover what most groups are looking for. If one of the three programs listed below doesn’t fit your needs, we’re happy to design one specifically for your organization.

Exploring outside the limits.

The original program focuses on believing in one’s capabilities and personal responsibility development. Participants grow through challenging themselves.

2) LEADING EDGE: Engaging your reality.
A follow-up program that examines participant’s goals and motivation in forming their own realities. Participants move towards producing the future they desire.

3) LEADING EDGE: Supporting the future.
A program for parents that supports youth and adolescent development. “It is important that we get the opportunity to work through getting out of our comfort zones, so that we can share in our children’s experience, but also grow ourselves to be the best for our kids.” - Leading Edge Parent


Leading Edge is presented by NACCHO (North American Camping Conference for Hemophilia Organizations) and sponsored by the Arizona Foundation.

Leading Edge has been made possible by a grant from Wyeth to NACCHO.